Yesterday, Fendi sent out their collection as usual. However, this time, a few of the models walked the runway in tricked out headbands and ear cups covered in Fendi’s signature hand-stitched Selleria leather with subtle ‘FF’ logos on the sides and headband.


I saw them in a few different colors including white, fire red, and a killer cobalt blue. Take it as yet another sign that the line between runway and street is getting closer and closer, since you rarely see an urban dude without his iPod these days…

Fendi.BeatsByDreAccording to the press release, “This product expresses the common values of both brands’ innovation, creativity, experimentation and obsession for quality.”


According to Tommy Ton’s Instagram feed, it’s a collab with Beats by Dre, and will be available in January 2015 in a range of stylish colors including sunflower yellow, fire red, emerald green, blackboard, asphalt and many more. That’s a long way off, but I’m pretty sure it’ll take that long to save up for them, so I’m not complaining…Happy listening. 😉



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